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Trigya School of Finance & Management has been a pioneer in recognizing the areas which need trained manpower. TSFM has been able to successfully launch sector-specific initiatives to cater to the emerging needs of the student fraternity. The Trigya School of Finance & management (TSFM) is one such initiative.

While the Banking and Financial Sector’s demands are multi-dimensional, banks need to master the art of balancing growth and inclusive development even as they relentlessly innovate to bring a wider range of financial services to the doorstep of the next generation customer. It is imperative then that Banks allocate their best resources toward getting trained management professionals on board.

Apart from this, the Banking & Financial Services Industry has been on the fast lane, and it is a challenging effort to keep innovating towards a better service delivery at the same pace. There is a need to have job-ready candidates on their payrolls. These candidates are precious resources, and the banking sector will always be in the hunt for such resources. TSFM recognizes this need and has promptly allocated its resources to prepare job-ready students for the Banking and Financial Services industry. We are confident that our students are adequately equipped and trained with necessary skill-sets.Best courses in finance after graduation, best courses in finance, best courses in finance after MBA,best courses in finance and accounting, best courses for finance career, short term courses in finance, courses in finance after Graduation/ Post graduate /MBA.


Mr. Niamatullah, M.Com, CAIIB, CFPCM

(Ex-Vice Chairman FPSB INDIA; Former M.D. SBI MF; former Director AMFI)

Mr. Niamatullah, M.Com, CAIIB, CFPCM is the advisor in Trigya School of Finance and Management. Under his guidance, TSFM has initiated various programs for the financial sector. The establishment has solid group of veteran academicians to make it climb the stepping stool and gain the goodwill of industry and parents.

Mr Niamatullah brings over 36 years of experience in banking. On superannuation from SBI he joined the education industry and has about 15 years of experience in Academics. He has the distinction of pioneering the launch of CFPCM certification in India as a career option in year 2002. He has by and by directed more than 100 classes in the underlying years of CFPCM development in the nation. He has been associated with various institutes offering CFPCM Certification Education Programme and PG Diploma in Financial Planning since then.

He is also the former Vice Chairman of Financial Planning Standards Board India, (formerly known as Association of Financial Planners of India), Ex- Managing Director of SBI Mutual Fund and former Director of Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI). Mr Niamatullah was also a member of the Mutual Fund panel of SEBI and a member of one of the SEBI Delegations that visited USA to study development of mutual fund industry in USA.

Director's Message

Ajay Kumar

Dear Aspirants,

I welcome you on behalf of the Trigya School of Finance & Management (TSFM).
TSFM is committed to providing quality learning for a wholesome personal and professional development. We are conscious about the emerging challenges and to meet them, we continuously update our course content & delivery mechanism. Our programs are anchored around the philosophy of inculcating an analytical orientation to help students and access complex business situations.

TSFM provides a transformational experience to its students who are expected to maintain the highest standard of personal integrity, professional commitment and business ethics.
With a state-of-the-art learning and development facility in place, we are prepared for any challenge, irrespective of the required vertical or skill-set. We are aware of the trend in changing needs. To cater to these needs, we have a flexible curriculum which can accommodate any level of adjustment. The courses we offer are extensive and interactive at the same time. So, what begins as a formal course on the banking and finance domains, ends up churning novices into leaders for tomorrow. With proven abilities in training, we assure undivided, unreserved, and unequivocated attention so we can see you through being the leaders of tomorrow. Our facilitators come with a vast experience and varied thought process. They have been industry specialists and thus, they understand the rigorous demands that the banking and financial sector exacts of an individual. TSFM comes across to you as a one-stop centre for the cultivation of excellence.

Cofounder and Board Members

Sanjeev Singh is an IIT Delhi alumnus and cofounder of totalgadha.com, TathaGat and makeupandbeauty.com. Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, he worked as an engineer for Italian Space Agency. He has also worked as a consultant to leading automobile companies in India.

Rajat Kumar, an IIT alumnus, worked with a few big conglomerates including Tata group before shifting to the educational industry. Chasing his entrepreneurial ambitions, Rajat successfully co founded Tathagat Tutorials Pvt ltd in 2007 and within the short span of time Tathagat is now one of Delhi's leading MBA test-prep companies and a brand on its own. As a progressive and determined entrepreneur he's gained a reputation of a successful leader in the Industry.