About Us

Trigya School of Finance & Management has been a pioneer in recognizing the areas which need trained manpower. TSFM has been able to successfully launch sector-specific initiatives to cater to the emerging needs of the student fraternity. The Trigya School of Finance & management (TSFM) is one such initiative.

While the Banking and Financial Sector’s demands are multi-dimensional, banks need to master the art of balancing growth and inclusive development even as they relentlessly innovate to bring a wider range of financial services to the doorstep of the next generation customer. It is imperative then that Banks allocate their best resources toward getting trained management professionals on board.


Director's Message

Dear Aspirants,

I welcome you on behalf of the Trigya School of Finance & Management (TSFM).

TSFM is committed to providing quality learning for a wholesome personal and professional development. We are conscious about the emerging challenges and to meet them, we continuously update our course content & delivery mechanism. Our programs are anchored around the philosophy of inculcating an analytical orientation to help students and access complex business situations.

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